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Charity project for animals by DASHA ART

I like animals a lot! I truly consider them to be man's best friends! I feel deep pain when I see homeless, abandoned animals. Over the years, I have helped as many animals as I could. I took food and things to the shelter, picked up animals on the street and found a new home for them.  I am glad that among my friends there are many like me, those who care.  I decided to open a small charity page on my website.  Anyone who wants can donate any amount to save animals.  Very often on the Internet, I see messages for an urgent collection for the treatment of animals that are in trouble.  Thus, we will help to respond faster to a request for help! I hope many of my friends will support my undertakings and share the joy for those who find a new life!

Funds will be collected in order to be able to urgently provide assistance to animals. Treatment, food and assistance in finding a new home, including temporary overexposure with volunteers.I already cooperate with an animal shelter (Belarus) and individuals who, like me, are not indifferent to the problem of homeless animals.

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You can donate any amount you see fit!

Doing good will make you feel happie!

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