The project was created to unite artists from around the world into one community.

Together we will promote art, and create new opportunities for talent.

We know how difficult it is to succeed in the modern “money” world! Art Shelter wants to give everyone hope and support and finally destroy the phrase “Hungry Artist”!

Our organization is also ready to support projects:


ARTSSHELTER will strive to create opportunities for sales, demonstration and promotion of art for our talents.

We are not a commercial organization, we carry a good promise and understand modern problems. We are ready to support you, but at the same time we ask for your support.


Now we are at the stage of project development and have created the first trial site.

For further work, we need a new advanced site where we will show talents, do online exhibitions and also sell works for our artists.

If you are ready to lend a helping hand to us at the start of the project, we will be grateful to you.

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