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World Expo 2020 in Dubai / Belarus pavilion


“Connecting minds, creating the future” is the slogan of Expo 2020 Dubai, which started on October 1 and will run until the end of March 2022. At Expo 2020 Dubai, DASHA presented 13 photographs. Each reflects the cultural heritage of Belarus, the current stage of its development.
National symbols are presented - Euphrosyne of Polotsk, the letter “Ў”, cornflowers, Belarusian ornament, Kalyady, IT technologies, etc.: “Today I consider my participation at the World Expo 2020 a great achievement. With great difficulty and without connections, I was able to defend my ideas, and I am the only selected artist from Belarus who represents the art zone at the world exhibition. I prepared and created my collection for 2 years, this is a colossal work and a colossal achievement for me.”

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