Dasha has extensive experience in participating in many world photo contests.
Dozens of world awards in various categories, prizes, exhibitions, she already had all this and she is ready to share this with you!
Having the experience to start her participation from scratch, she understood the system and her winning percentage is 90% from each application. Perfectly understanding the whole essence and structure, she will be able to help you win!

What gives participation in photo contests?
First of all, the spirit of competition is something magical, an anticipation of the result, a pleasant excitement and a new experience.


In order to help you, Dasha makes the first free consultation.
She will discuss your goals with you and tell you how it works.

- Your photos will be professionally appreciated, which means they will be compared with others and you will know where the growth is in your career.If you win any prize in the competition:- You will get very good advertising- You will get more customers, because they choose the best- You can win a cash prize, an exhibition or a valuable prize for a photographer- You will get an interview- You will receive publication in annual books that reach the most influential peopleAnd of course! You will get inspired to create new pieces!

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